2 Program installation

2.1 Prerequisites

SADIC is implemented as a Python script. Before installing SADIC you should have Python installed on your system. At least Python version 2.3 is required. No Python experience is required to run SADIC. You can find the most recent Python distribution at

The numarray package is also required to run the program. You can download it at

2.2 Installation

SADIC is distributed in two versions:

Windows users are encouraged to use the self-installing version. Just run the install program to get SADIC installed. The install program will also create a file called RunSadic.bat in the Windows folder: this way the program can be run by simply typing RunSadic on a command prompt.

To install SADIC on a POSIX system, you should have root privileges. Unpack the source package, move into the unpacked directory and then type

python install
The script RunSadic will be installed in the /usr/bin directory.